Alon came to America from Israel at 23 years old with nothing but a sense of adventure. He built a business in the retail industry then sold it to further his travels throughout Europe, Africa, and North and South America. Upon arrival to San Francisco, Alon found a new business opportunity with an extreme growth potential. Within five months he rose to the assistant manager position, and soon thereafter opened his first office. Alon looks back with pride saying "I was drawn to this business because I saw the opportunity to empower others to achieve their career goals while also generating a personal income that allowed me to live the lifestyle I had always dreamed of. I enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss and having my success solely dependent on my work."

A few practices to attribute to the success of the Bay Direct team include surrounding yourself with motivated individuals, never lower your standards, and help elevate your team. Alon believes that loyalty to his team goes a long way and creates loyalty in return. Believing that every person is an individual, with unique strengths and weaknesses, modes of thought, and motivated by various elements has supported his efforts in providing for his team. Alon dedicates the majority of his skillset towards his experience in sales and customer service. He helps each individual build a business that works for them and then together they build a team. "I'm passionate about the knowledge I've gained from both successes and failures," he continued, "In order to build successful teams at Bay Direct., I look for people who want to learn, and then find a way to communicate what works for them so they can go ahead and build their own success."

"I take my goals very seriously and I expect my team to be as committed as I am," said Alon. The Bay Direct. team is often rewarded by their hard work on many occasions and instances. Participating in a seasonal basketball league the team demonstrated the true meaning of collaboration. From comedy clubs to sporting events the Bay Direct. team is often rewarded for their hard work. "It builds camaraderie in the office, and a cohesive group of people who all genuinely care about each other," said Alon. Other incentives include financial rewards, bonuses, and rest and relaxation weekends. Alon tries to connect with his team on more than just a business level but a personal level as well, "I've met a lot of parents in my career. I care about where my teammates came from, who they are, and what their background is like." The importance of family is highly valued in Alon's life and honors the support of his wife, Stephanie, daughter, Lia, and son, Shon, stating "I'm not just building the business for myself; I'm building it for my family."

Alon built his business based from high standards and a strong work ethic. With empowering others in mind he is focused on helping his team reach their own financial goals. When asked for his advice, his main point is to never quit, working through hard times is what will truly define you from the competition. "I truly believe that being successful is part of a never ending roller coaster that everyone should take a ride on."